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scariest day ever

2008-08-01 11:15:18 by Random-Her03

hey guys
well i finished that SNK flash, i hope you guys liked it
i am working with a good collab right now, thats all i'll say ;)
oh and my bday is on sunday! :D

but anyways i feel i need to let this story be known.
i was so close today to becoming caught in a tragic incident that would of had me in the hospital for probably quite some time.
I was working today at my job and i was outside, now i work at a plaza and there is a big sign hanging on the roof. it became really windy and the sign blew off and landed right infront of me! i was so freaked out... if i had walked about about a second earlier i would probably be in the hospital right now knocked out cold! i was all shaken up about it for like the next half hour or so
but man i was thanking every god there is for not making me get crushed by that sign!

if i've had scarier days than that then i dont remember them!
anyways guys i just couldn't believe my luck and im glad im ok! just thought i would share the story with all of you!
anyways guys i'll be working on this collab
until then



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