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2008-08-03 10:58:53 by Random-Her03

technically in aus its not my bday no more :(... but it was just about an hour ago! wooo!
i turn 19! and i went to the casino last night... but lost
so i gave up and watched footy on this massive theatre screen!
it was a good night
for my bday i just relaxed a bit, went shopping, had dinner with family and then hung out with some people
it wasnt a bad day, but cant do much on sundays coz i got work 2morro.... so yeh thanx sundays....
lol anyway a bit of an update
i've created 1 scene for the collab im on and i got an idea for another and i'll get onto it whenever i can... stupid work interrupts me with my flash work haaha
but i get paid AAALLLRIGHT! *jumps in the air and freezes in midair*

anyways guys im off to bed
work tomorrow... yippy kiyay...


edit: i searched my bday and i just realised, i share my bday with alot of famous people such as

James Hetfield - Metallica's Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist
Evangeline Lilly - Actress from 'Lost'
Butterbean - Boxer
Masahiro Sakurai - Creator of the Smash Bros. and Kirby series
Martha Stewert - Famous Homemaker and Cellmate (haha)
Martin Sheen - Actor and father of Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez (the might duck guy)
Amanda Kimmel - Contestant from the reality show 'Survivor'
Sonnybill Williams - New Zealand rugby player
John C. McGinley - Actor, portrays Dr. Cox on 'Scrubs'


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2008-08-03 20:47:07

I don't care about the timezones, here in Mexico is Sunday so: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D!!!!!

BTW here's a little present for you: 8/63867_RH_birthday_card.php


Random-Her03 responds:

aaaw no way!
thats awesome man!!! thank you! :D


2008-08-04 23:56:52

Happy birthday dude, hope you have a good one. here's your present ndex.jhtml?videoId=178238&title=d anny-and-the-fuxedos

Random-Her03 responds:

lol thanx man
that was... interesting to say at the least hahaha


2008-08-06 05:45:41

happy birthday,my dear comrade! =D Wish you a lot of health,love,luck and everything best! ^^ 8/49505_Randoms_birthday_Scene_1.php

Random-Her03 responds:

omfg god thats great!!! thanx dude!
lol ricky martin