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2008-08-11 22:04:15 by Random-Her03

i got a stomach virus, i swear i think i puked one of my kidneys :O!
but theres a light side to it, i finally get a break from work! so i'm taking this time to my advantage
im gonna think of some ideas for flash shorts and what not

oh and also my pal pigeonmaster88 has made a new flash
Disturbing Toad!!!
guys you need to check it out when you can, you "shan't" be disappointed!

anyways guys u'll hear from me soon
until then



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2008-08-12 01:38:27

Ya gotta find that silver lining, brother!



2008-08-13 00:07:39

man that sucks :/
But that doesn't beat when I got sick of rotavirus (a virus that cause excessively vomit and diarrhea) I don't know if you got sick of that too :/

However I was just 8 and god! I almost got sent to the hospital due to a Dehydration and my virus got kinda complicated... That was horrible, I cried a lot of time because of the pain, I was very weak. My doctor said I was lucky, I could have died.

Now I'm very well, and since that day, I'm very careful of what I eat, I check the expiration date of all food, wash my hands before to eat. That disease sucked.

Thanks to God that I'm still alive :(

Random-Her03 responds:

holy shit dude thats terrible!
i thought i had it bad, i was puking heaps but gladly no diarrhoea for me
im glad you were able to recover from the whole thing
it pisses me off knowing that there are some people that are so young, and have their lives on risk meanwhile there are so many dipshits out there that are healthy as...


2008-08-14 23:43:34

I'm here to giving you an advice:

If you make a sprite flash that gets frontpaged (like disturbing toad :P)



2008-08-15 03:19:42

Please quit that link to my "funny" movie

It was a piece of crap, I don't know how it got frontpaged, I mean it.

Just look at the reviews...

Random-Her03 responds:

its not that bad
theyre mostly all high scores


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