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2008-08-15 04:09:07 by Random-Her03

i've defeated my stomach virus!
and thanx to that i've thought up an idea for a new flash and on the weekend i'll brainstorm some ideas for the flash, and then hopefully get some of it started
still doin the collab, can't forget about that! so now i actually got my flash schedule full again :D!
anyways guys hopefully i can get both of these done as quick as possible
peace guys!



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2008-08-15 04:35:04

I'm glad you finally healed of your virus :)
And good luck with your next project. Try to be the most original possible, don't make the same mistake I did...

Actually I tried to bring back the jokes that NG used to have back in 2004-2006. That's why many reviews said the flash wasn't all that funny or the greatest thing. And also, it was the same thing when skittles n dickz was on the frontpage.

I'm planning my comeback with a good quality movie, it's gonna be short but good enough to entertain people AND be the most original possible.

Good night and good luck in your future projects :D

Random-Her03 responds:

thanx bro!
dw man, at least ur thing still got an award, none of mine dont even have any yet lol
but good luck on ur next project! *thumbs up*


2008-08-16 01:59:17

Random-her03 defeats STOMACH VIRUS.


Random-Her03 gained a level!

Random-Her03 learns FLASH STORM!

Random-Her03 responds:

whats this?
Random-Her03 is evolving!
Random-Her03 evolved into Random-Her04!
would you like to give it a name? (Y/N)
yes. i name him... Random-Her03!


2008-09-03 18:45:55

Hey! Ultramoron is aiming for over 9000 comments in his blog! Please spam it when you have time :D

Ultramoron wants spam :)

Random-Her03 responds:

choice :D