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laptop time!

2008-09-27 13:01:28 by Random-Her03

i recently got laptop!
it's so awesome having my own computer :D!

but i still have yet to transfer everything from my old computer to the laptop so unfortunately no flash right now :(
also i need to get a mouse for this thing coz flash would be 10 times harder with the stupid finger pad thing (i really cant stand it)
but i've thought of a couple of good ideas for flashes which is a good start :D!
when i start them it's gonna be legen... wait for it......

anyways guys just thought i'd give a fresh update, it's almost been a month since i have!







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2008-09-27 23:46:05

great! it is so nice to have your own comp. believe me : D

Random-Her03 responds:

it sure is
just think of all the porn i could get!...


2008-09-30 01:51:00

Sharing a computer between 2 or more people sucks, it's better having your own personal computer :D

Random-Her03 responds:

(above reply)


2008-10-05 15:44:18

people in this site always asociate freedom with porn or hentai

Random-Her03 responds:

im not into hentai though
i just find it funny instead of erotic


2008-10-15 00:36:03


(Updated ) Random-Her03 responds:


lol aussie style


2008-10-23 01:10:26

Well, it's been almost a month now. Are you still liking that laptop?

Are you enjoying not having to put your porn in hidden folders in the system directory of someone else's computer with bland, unassuming names like "autorun_DLL" hoping that they'll never find it?

...Not that I've done that or myself, but... y'know.


Random-Her03 responds:

lol yes i certainly am
infact im gonna make a folder right now called


lol but yeh im still lovin that i have my own laptop


2008-11-29 01:35:28

My next flash will drop at approximately 12:00 pm (noon) EST on Saturday, November 29th.

I just want you to know that you are personally responsible for the quality of choreography you will see. It all stems from one kick.

Your kick, where Stryker knocked the piss out of Liu Kang.


Random-Her03 responds:

can't wait bro
lol im honored that u used my stryker kick! thanx man!


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