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guess whose back?

2008-11-29 07:30:01 by Random-Her03 4094_Im_back.php

i have all my flash stuff on my laptop finally!
so i guess its time for flash, only thing is... what to make?
i'll think of something tho so don't go anywhere!

anyways guys til' then

guess whose back?


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2008-11-30 00:41:19

Do whatever springs to mind, man!

You can ALWAYS count on my support!

"Have a nice fight, Mike..." LOL!


Random-Her03 responds:

nice thanx dude!

lol gotta love that tyson


2008-12-22 04:01:53

having a laptop of your own is such an awesome thing

Random-Her03 responds:

yeh think of all the por.... hey wait a minute...