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Just out of curiosity

2008-07-21 11:31:30 by Random-Her03

I watched The Dark Knight the other night (lol Knight, Night) and i went into it thinking that Heath Ledger would not be able to "out-joker" Jack Nicholson, but i left amazed, if he wore a mask the entire movie i would of had no clue that, that was Heath Ledger under there, and I'm not just saying this because he's dead (or because I'm aussie) he trully did great, kudos to you Heath.

So my question is (for those of you who have watched Dark Knight) which joker was better? Ledgers, or Nicholsons?.

also on a different note, i'm slowly progressing on my newest flash, although i havent made many scenes, i feel that i could very well end the flash now, some of the scenes are a bit long so it maybe has reached a good time distance. also i'm waiting with anticipation on whether or not my piece will make it into sprite tv 3 :D, and also my newgrounds lads have informed me that they might be up to something and that i'm invited... should be awesome to finally work with these guys!

well make sure to answer the question!, i'm leaning towards ledger myself
until then


Just out of curiosity

New Logo!

2008-06-18 12:37:42 by Random-Her03

I created a logo for myself while making this flash
i've always liked it, my friends know that i'm proud of my irish background and is proud to have irish blood in me (green blood! hahaha)
so yeh just letting you guys know about my new look and i'm about halfway done on my latest flash!
until then!

\/ the logo! \/

New Logo!

Back on the flash wagon!

2008-06-14 10:36:30 by Random-Her03

Hey guys
im currently working on my newest flash! i don't really know where im going with it, but it's looking good!
hopefully il get it done fast!
cya later guys!


What's Next for Random-Her03?

2008-06-01 22:41:50 by Random-Her03

Hey guys
right now ive been taking a break from flash due to computer problems, but now that the probs are fixed im back!
i've always checked the site everyday so i've kinda always been here, but now the question is what should i make now?
i've had a couple of ideas floating around lately but im certain about anything yet
hopefully soon i will decide! i cant wait to get back on flash!
anyways cya guys very soon!


Just Curious...

2008-04-30 06:41:09 by Random-Her03

I set all my flashes at 30 fps (frames per second) and it plays slower on the site...
does it play in 30 fps for you guys, or is it slower on your computers too?
if it is slower does anybody know what the problem is and how to fix it?

thanks guys


2008-04-29 08:22:40 by Random-Her03

folks im finally proud to write that my newest flash is up and ready for you guys to watch!
i hope you guys enjoy!

oh and i will be releasing another flash with some deleted scenes from this flash, coz i couldnt fit them all in this newest one!

Please watch and comment!

It's Coming...

2008-04-27 06:19:52 by Random-Her03

apologies going around for the huge delay
my cuz had her baby so we've been visiting her frequently, there was a problem with the flash and my computer and internet have been very screwed up and slow the past month
BUT it's all good now
and i'm just finishing up on the credits as i type this, also im adding in a skip scene feature (such as i did in Jackass: Video Game Edition)

once again guys i'm deeply sorry about the gigantic delay
i hope the finished flash makes up for it!


Mega Crisis!

2008-04-10 10:16:14 by Random-Her03

ok so i'm making the last scene for my newest flash and i extract the whole movie
and i always watch it to see if there are any problems
well it plays well through most of the movie then during the middle of the last scene it jst stops playing and stays on the frame it last showed!
i have no idea whats going on and its perfect timing when im about 95% done too!
if anybody knows what is happening and knows how to fix it PLEASE notify me right away! i'd really appriciate it!
im begging you guys!


sadly, it's over people...

2008-03-31 22:16:09 by Random-Her03

someone has been spamming my account with hate mail PM's telling me to just give up on newgrounds coz nobody likes my stuff...
i was in denial about it but have accepted it now so ive decided this will be the last post from Random-Her03,
i've cancelled my latest flash and i will be taking down all of my flashes to make it look as if i've never been here at all..

goodbye to all the people who liked my stuff, and good luck...


oh by the way....

lol no dw i'm still here and will be for a long time!
my newest mighta not been uploaded yet, bcoz i decided to to pack more onto the flash! and hopefully it will be uploaded sometime this week!

cheers fellas!


sadly, it's over people...

almost done.... what?..

2008-03-27 23:51:07 by Random-Her03

Now i really haven't commented on this before
but i'm currently making a new flash! and i'm almost done making it!
lol BUT it's a very original idea... there heaps of them on this site.. but i love em so much that i just had to make one myself!
it could be uploaded tomorrow or perhaps even later today, but i have plans for tonight so it might not happen... but i'll try my best to upload it ASAP!

until then take it easy everybody!