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2008-03-21 10:40:52 by Random-Her03

after a big hiatus due to sickness i have finally completed my newest flash!
NV: Nintendovision!
It didn't actually take me as long as i thought it would when i officially got back to it, so i'm very pleased lol
check it out now!
hope you guys enjoy it alot!


I'm back in action!

2008-03-11 08:41:59 by Random-Her03

Alright guys
I'm tired of sitting on the bench, I'm ,100% now!
past my sickness, and past my tiredness from my job which has a rough timeslot!
I'm gettin into this flash!
I am going to record my voiceclips now and officially start animating 2morro!

before i got sick i made the preloader animation, I won't give away much but if you're a Foo Fighters fan then you will enjoy it lol

alright guys i can't stay and chat coz im gonna go record for the flash


Sorry Guys

2008-03-03 22:31:13 by Random-Her03

I am still planning to make a new flash
but unfortunately i've been very sick for the past 2 weeks so i have yet to start
although i have gotten my friend Destiny-Theif to do his share of voicework but my voice is not so great but gradually getting better
this is the first time ive used the computer since i've been sick so i feel ready to start making this flash!
i hope i can get it done by next week!

thanx for being patient guys!


That's weird.....

2008-02-17 08:32:45 by Random-Her03

OK I uploaded a Mortal Kombat movie just now and for some odd reason the sounds lag alot. But heres the catch, the actual flash movie i have in my flash folder plays just fine, even to make sure i modified it a bit and replaced it with the lagging one, and its still the same on newgrounds.
I am aware that the sound isn't working well and for that i apologize

sorry everyone, i will probably get rid of it as soon as i can....
but now that i finished it i can get started on my new flash, hopefully everything will be in tip top shape for this new one im making, I will get started on some scripts tomorrow because yes! me and my pals are going to do the voicework!
hopefully i can make up for the lagging MK flash with this new one!
and I hope i don't let you guys down again


Thanks Guys!

2008-02-14 01:09:37 by Random-Her03

I've been recieving alot of good reviews from everybody about the COPS flash
and I'm so thankful for it you guys are the best!

Now I'm aware that alot of weren't diggin' the Text to Speech style voices for the characters, and it's cool, this judgment helps mould me into a better figure!
so i have decided that my friend Destiny-Theif (the DAT! voice) and I will record our voices for the future flashes being made.

Thanks again for the positive reviews guys!


Thanks Guys!

I'm afraid that Jackass: Video Game Edition 2 for now is currently in the trash, due to lack of ideas, its really been in development hell, I apologize to anybody was awaiting it. But it's not all bad news

I've posted a new flash i quickly made, it is a parody of COPS I hope you will all enjoy it!
also i have some ideas floating around for a new flash, something to do with movie dialouge, so I'm thinking up alot of movies to use!
also while i was creating the COPS flash I have been working on a Mortal Kombat fight scene, and i could probably finish that by tomorrow for you to all enjoy!

Once again a I apologize about the death of JVGE2...

I'm so glad that the majority love my jackass video game edition flash! and now it has inspired me to do more!
I can officially confirm it, YES I am going to make a jackass video game edition 2!
I do not have much ideas yet SO... If you could post an idea for a stunt or a skit for me to use, which ever ones i find the funniest or coolest i will use! and i will credit you for it!
I hope you guys come up with some very good ideas for this!

now with that out of the way, seeing as im pretty flat on ideas for JVGE2 i did come up with a new flash idea, it will be a short flash so it wont be too long until i post it, and it is a parody of another TV show but i will not reveal what show it is until i post it!

until then I'm hoping alot of you can help me with some jackass flash ideas!
thanks again