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2013-02-23 20:31:02 by Random-Her03

kinda forgot i had this thing haha..

I think it's time..

2009-04-24 01:53:14 by Random-Her03

Hello there
Due to the massive decreasing popularity of sprite flashes over the past year, i have lost motivation in making flashes.. so i think it's time i hang my boots up and call it a day.
I had a very good run, and made a lot of great friends and mentors along the way.. if it weren't for them i don't think i'd be half as good as i would of been today.

For those of you who are fans of my work, i still have a deviantART profile and i update it regularly, i guess you could say that's where i've been for the past months.. i decided to make a jump, it was one or the other for me.. and i decided to go with deviantART instead..
I would love the support on their like i got on here, i don't have many watchers on there and i'd love some more!

For those who followed me during my run, thank you, also i won't be closing down my account because i still post reguarly in the forums
and who knows, i could be back with some movies one day.. but until then..


I think it's time..


2008-12-31 22:43:54 by Random-Her03

2009 sounds weird since 2008 went seriously quick
2008 was a good year for me, lets hope 2009 is even better
anyways guys all the best

guess whose back?

2008-11-29 07:30:01 by Random-Her03 4094_Im_back.php

i have all my flash stuff on my laptop finally!
so i guess its time for flash, only thing is... what to make?
i'll think of something tho so don't go anywhere!

anyways guys til' then

guess whose back?

laptop time!

2008-09-27 13:01:28 by Random-Her03

i recently got laptop!
it's so awesome having my own computer :D!

but i still have yet to transfer everything from my old computer to the laptop so unfortunately no flash right now :(
also i need to get a mouse for this thing coz flash would be 10 times harder with the stupid finger pad thing (i really cant stand it)
but i've thought of a couple of good ideas for flashes which is a good start :D!
when i start them it's gonna be legen... wait for it......

anyways guys just thought i'd give a fresh update, it's almost been a month since i have!






it's my dad's bday

2008-09-04 06:35:38 by Random-Her03

the title doesn't lie... i dunno. needed to make a new post
he turns 47, good for him!

flashes are slowly coming along folks, so i hope none of you guys are holding your breath lol
i'll finish something soon!



2008-08-15 04:09:07 by Random-Her03

i've defeated my stomach virus!
and thanx to that i've thought up an idea for a new flash and on the weekend i'll brainstorm some ideas for the flash, and then hopefully get some of it started
still doin the collab, can't forget about that! so now i actually got my flash schedule full again :D!
anyways guys hopefully i can get both of these done as quick as possible
peace guys!



2008-08-11 22:04:15 by Random-Her03

i got a stomach virus, i swear i think i puked one of my kidneys :O!
but theres a light side to it, i finally get a break from work! so i'm taking this time to my advantage
im gonna think of some ideas for flash shorts and what not

oh and also my pal pigeonmaster88 has made a new flash
Disturbing Toad!!!
guys you need to check it out when you can, you "shan't" be disappointed!

anyways guys u'll hear from me soon
until then



2008-08-03 10:58:53 by Random-Her03

technically in aus its not my bday no more :(... but it was just about an hour ago! wooo!
i turn 19! and i went to the casino last night... but lost
so i gave up and watched footy on this massive theatre screen!
it was a good night
for my bday i just relaxed a bit, went shopping, had dinner with family and then hung out with some people
it wasnt a bad day, but cant do much on sundays coz i got work 2morro.... so yeh thanx sundays....
lol anyway a bit of an update
i've created 1 scene for the collab im on and i got an idea for another and i'll get onto it whenever i can... stupid work interrupts me with my flash work haaha
but i get paid AAALLLRIGHT! *jumps in the air and freezes in midair*

anyways guys im off to bed
work tomorrow... yippy kiyay...


edit: i searched my bday and i just realised, i share my bday with alot of famous people such as

James Hetfield - Metallica's Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist
Evangeline Lilly - Actress from 'Lost'
Butterbean - Boxer
Masahiro Sakurai - Creator of the Smash Bros. and Kirby series
Martha Stewert - Famous Homemaker and Cellmate (haha)
Martin Sheen - Actor and father of Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez (the might duck guy)
Amanda Kimmel - Contestant from the reality show 'Survivor'
Sonnybill Williams - New Zealand rugby player
John C. McGinley - Actor, portrays Dr. Cox on 'Scrubs'

scariest day ever

2008-08-01 11:15:18 by Random-Her03

hey guys
well i finished that SNK flash, i hope you guys liked it
i am working with a good collab right now, thats all i'll say ;)
oh and my bday is on sunday! :D

but anyways i feel i need to let this story be known.
i was so close today to becoming caught in a tragic incident that would of had me in the hospital for probably quite some time.
I was working today at my job and i was outside, now i work at a plaza and there is a big sign hanging on the roof. it became really windy and the sign blew off and landed right infront of me! i was so freaked out... if i had walked about about a second earlier i would probably be in the hospital right now knocked out cold! i was all shaken up about it for like the next half hour or so
but man i was thanking every god there is for not making me get crushed by that sign!

if i've had scarier days than that then i dont remember them!
anyways guys i just couldn't believe my luck and im glad im ok! just thought i would share the story with all of you!
anyways guys i'll be working on this collab
until then